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Halloween’s Spookiest Recipes From King Cotton Meats

Halloween’s spookiest recipes from King Cotton Meats

‘Tis the season, when we begin thinking about the Thanksgiving feast, Christmas dinner, and–wait a minute, what about Halloween?  

Because here at King Cotton Meats, the holidays start on October 31st. 

When we think of Halloween, we tend to think first of candy, sugar rushes, and spooky decorations. But we also know, as parents, that it’s important to send our kids out with a filling meal before they gorge on all those sweets. There’s no better time to serve a hearty meal, with King Cotton’s choicest meats featured at the center of your table. 

While we’re at it, why not make some festive foods for the occasion? 

King Cotton Halloween recipes

On this spookiest of nights, we get to put on our witch hats, tie up those aprons, and cook up some scary fare for the young’uns!

Before sending your kids out trick-or-treating–and before a night of kids rushing toward the honeypots you’ve prepared for your porch–try one of our recipes from King Cotton’s delicious selection of meats!

Mummy Hot Dogs

Halloween offers us a chance to dress up like anyone and anything in history–from mythical superheroes to ancient Egypt mummies! With plenty of themes from the land of the pyramids, what better way to celebrate Halloween than with a tray full of mummified meat! The family will be tickled when presented with a tray full of dogs wrapped in pastry, and mustard dots for eyes! The best part: they’re a spooky breeze to make!

All you need are:

  • Hot dogs
  • Crescent rolls
  • Mustard

Wrap those dogs in crescent strips, bake at 420 degrees, and before you know it, the whole family will be devouring ancient horrors. But don’t forget those mustard dots for eyes! King Cotton’s plump hot dogs offer the perfect smoky flavor for this Halloween treat.

Monster meatball sliders

Monster meatballs are a great way to get creative with your Halloween meal. 

Use your go-to recipe for meatballs–breadcrumbs and parmesan cheese are our two staples–to start making these little monsters. Whether making sauce from scratch or heating a delicious jar on the stove, douse those meatballs before sliding them between mini buns.

Get creative with those monster peepers! You can use olive slices on toothpicks for a creepy crawler’s bug-eyed stare, or dot the meatballs themselves with peppercorn for some spooky spice! As for teeth, use elongated triangles of provolone and tick them upside down between the bun as a couple of horrifying fangs for each slider! 

Pepperoni pocket pumpkins

Pepperoni pockets and pumpkin? Your nose might be wrinkling at the thought–but don’t worry, we’re not actually using pumpkin in this Halloween favorite. This delectable item is a pepperoni pizza pocket carved into a spooky pumpkin. 

To make the perfect pepperoni pocket pumpkin, use pie crust to make pizza pockets. You can choose the size and dimensions of your pockets, depending on whether you want to make a bunch of small ones or a few big ones. 

The recipe is simple as can be. Layer the inside of your warm pockets with marinara and King Cotton’s perfectly sliced, spicy pepperoni. Then, bake to a golden brown perfection! We find it easier to bake the pockets before carving out our pumpkins, so we avoid any disfiguration when the pockets rise in the oven. 

Once finished, use a fine knife–or your go-to tool–to carve your pumpkins! These yummy pockets are a great way to get the whole family involved. And don’t forget the most important part: a side of marinara for dipping!

Tell us about your King Cotton Halloween recipes

There are so many ways to use King Cotton Meats in your Halloween recipes. We look forward to hearing about some of your favorites! Contact us to give us details on what you come up with! 

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