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Kid-friendly King Cotton Snacks You Can’t Miss

Kid-friendly King Cotton snacks you can’t miss

“Mom, I’m hungry!” 

If you had a dollar for every time you heard this during the summer, you’d be rich, right? 

Kids are running around outside, they’re swimming, they’re playing video games – in other words, they’re burning off a lot of energy. So when they get hungry for a snack, you’ll want your go-to munchies to have plenty of protein and be delicious enough to satisfy even your pickiest eater.

King Cotton Meats are a natural choice for these types of kid-friendly snacks, and there are so many options to choose from. So we’ve come up with a list you can have ahead of time to head off the snack requests and make your kids think you rock!

Bologna Bites with a surprise

These are cute, super easy, and extremely kid-friendly. Buy some inexpensive rolls and King Cotton bologna at your nearby discount grocery store. Cut each piece of bologna in half, fold it over, and add it to the bun with whatever condiments your kids will actually eat. Add a half a slice of American cheese. Some of our fans tell us they put “mooshed-up” potato chips right into the sandwich too – seems like a kid-friendly thing to do!

Octopus dogs

Now, we’re not usually big fans of “cutesy” food – who has time for that? But we’re gonna make an exception for this “Octopus dog.” These are pretty easy, but this video will point you in the right direction. The legs even curl up when you cook ‘em, and you can finish them off with little mustard smiles, which really adds to the silliness of this savory snack. Give ‘em a little squirt of barbecue sauce as a dipper, and they’ll be off to the races!

Tasty toothpick appetizers

Having a hard time getting your kids to eat their vegetables? Here’s a great snack made with King Cotton smoked sausage that lets you sneak ‘em in! Slice up some of the sausages into small little rounds. Skewer them on a toothpick with some cubed-up cucumber and a little bit of cheese. The cucumber in the middle will be hardly noticeable, and these little toothpick wonders will be gone in no time. 

Ham wands

Don’t laugh at the simplicity of this snack. It’s protein galore with some dairy thrown in! Simply take a piece of King Cotton lunchmeat and wrap that sucker around a mozzarella cheese stick. Nothing could be easier, and they can actually make this themselves. For an extra zing, add a squirt of honey mustard in the middle.

Hopefully, some of these super-easy snacks will inspire you to get ahead of your little hungry honeys and have them asking you for them again and again. After all, “hangry” kids are nothing to mess with!



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