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King Cotton Gives Back: Our Commitment To Our Local Communities

King Cotton Gives Back: Our Commitment To Our Local Communities

At King Cotton, one of our company values is “Corporate Social Responsibility.” That means we do more than just sell delicious meats! It means we take seriously giving back to the communities in which we live and work.

Not to toot our own horn, but boy, do we give back. A lot. It’s not so we can get press and praise for our good works, nor is it to bring attention to our company. Philanthropy is deeply ingrained in the culture of the Monogram Foods family (the owners of King Cotton), and it has been since the beginning. 

This video we made demonstrates the way we work together to bring about our culture of giving back. You can tell by the many employee interviews that we are real, genuine, and caring.

Says CEO Karl Schelwitz, “Well, you know, great companies do good things, and people want to work for a company that does give back.”

Monogram Loves Kids and “Meat Me in Memphis”

Our Monogram Loves Kids Foundation program raises funds for children’s charities in the communities for which Monogram Foods operates. We give away lots of grants every year to non-profit organizations that benefit children and their families within 100 miles of one of our locations. 

In addition, we also have been raising additional money for these grants by hosting a gala we call “Meat Me in Memphis” since 2010.  At the gala, we feature local Memphis chefs as they prepare delicious recipes that feature our meats. In addition, each chef gets to choose which charity their proceeds will go to. There’s also a live auction, and each attendee gets a complimentary recipe booklet with the chefs’ featured recipe. 

Monogram Foods has eight plants from Memphis to Wisconsin and Texas. Scheldwitz said almost 3,000 team members are encouraged to support charitable organizations of their choice, the only exception it has to be a non-profit and has to focus on children. 

Scheldwitz comments, “They’re non-profits for a reason, and if people didn’t give to them, they couldn’t do their services.” 

Moreover, our generous sponsors provide our primary source of funds (corporate partners and individuals) and they range in giving from $500 to $20,000 each. And almost 90% of all funds raised went directly to the charities that our team members selected! We have raised over half a million dollars at our annual galas each year. These proceeds are then spread out amongst several non-profits across the country.

Passionately Committed To Giving Back

In conclusion, we take our obligations to our local charities very seriously. It’s interwoven very tightly with the values of our company, and we strive every day to make our communities a better place. King Cotton doesn’t just sell meats: we are on a mission!

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