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King Cotton Meats: Memphis Roots With A Southern Flavor Flair

King Cotton meats: Memphis roots with a Southern flavor flair

Delicious, affordable, kid-approved, and available throughout the South – that’s how King Cotton Meats fans describe their hot dogs, corn dogs, smoked sausage, bacon, lunchmeat, and bologna. 

King Cotton Meats are a Memphis dynasty whose goodness dates all the way back to 1935. Known as the “Rightly Seasoned” meat, they are a Southern favorite that you might have missed out on.

King Cotton Meats brings the flavor – and the fans

Our meats are so beloved that rabid fans flock to our social media pages to pass along their passion for these much-loved meats, saying things like:

“Best sausage patties ever! Had some yesterday!” – Rusty K

“This is the only bacon that we buy. Cooks up perfect. Great taste too.” – John M.

“I like King Cotton and buy it all the time!” – Ruth D

“This is the only brand (of hotdogs) my grandma would buy.” – Jamie T

“We love their bacon and sausage.” – Benny B

Now that you’ve seen some social proof about how good our meats are, let’s take a look at some of our main products and see what makes them so special and different from the competition.

King Cotton hot dogs – a staple at barbecues

King Cotton Hot DogsNothing says summer like a King Cotton hot dog! Seasoned so much more flavorfully than other hot dog brands, many Memphis kids grew up on King Cotton hot dogs. 

Now that King Cotton Meats have moved into other areas of the South, more families’ memories can center around hot dogs freshly grilled and slathered with ketchup and mustard, and kids eating them on the run in bare feet in the cool summer grass. 

And with so many recipes in which you can use these hot dogs, you’ll be killing two dinner birds with one stone!

King Cotton bologna: flavor can’t be beat

King Cotton BolognaWho of us hasn’t removed the red rind from a piece of bologna and slid our teeth along the underside so as not to miss a morsel of that bologna-ey goodness? 

Such is King Cotton bologna, sliced into big appetite portions and served fried, slathered with mayo, or wrapped around a pickle (if you’re fancy!). What’s the secret to our bologna’s unrivaled tastiness? Our unique blend of seasonings, plus chicken and pork. It’s a flavor that is distinctly King Cotton.

King Cotton Corn Dogs – kids scream for ‘em

King Cotton corn dogsKing Cotton corn dogs are great at any time, but they are especially handy when you don’t feel like cooking a big dinner at the end of a long day. They’re a real crowd-pleaser – their crispy, honey corn batter wrapped around a deliciously seasoned dog will make you not even want to dip it into mustard. Maybe. 

Families for generations have been making King Cotton corn dogs one of their go-to dinner staples. 

King Cotton Smoked Ham and Turkey lunchmeat

King Coton lunch meatsLunchmeat is a staple in most households, but you need to make King Cotton Smoked Ham and Turkey lunchmeat a priority in your quest for the perfect lunchmeat. The flavor is unlike anything you’ve ever tasted, and we’re told by our fans that their families won’t touch any other brand of ham and turkey lunchmeat. The trick? The extra smoky goodness of this deli meat adds such a savory punch to a sandwich or recipe. 

Besides, all you low-carb meat lovers can wrap this lunchmeat around pickles, cheese, lettuce, or just about any other type of low-carb favorite and keep on your diet!

King Cotton Breakfast Sausage and Bacon: a double whammy of wonderful

King Cotton breakfast meatWithout question, our most popular meats are our breakfast sausage and our bacon. The sausage patties are already sliced so they’re ready to just pop into a pan and go. And the great Southern flavor of this sausage will take you back to Sunday mornings at your Memaw’s house, waking up to the smell of that wonderful sausage beckoning you to the kitchen before church.

King Cotton bacon – well, that’s a similar story. Bacon that’s hickory-smoked and in a variety of flavors and sizes, you’re sure to find the bacon flavor that’s just perfect for your family. And it’s not just for breakfast either – wrap it around just about anything, fix a yummy BLT, or eat it just by itself for a great low-carb snack.

King Cotton Meats: no joke, they’re the tastiest of the tasty

From our rave reviews to our delicious recipes to our “Rightly Seasoned” meats, King Cotton is a brand that’s on the tip of every Southerner’s tongue right now. So get on the bandwagon and buy yourself some today, and see if you aren’t the next person raving about us to all your friends.



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