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King Cotton One-pot Meals That Won’t Break Your Budget Or The Clock

King Cotton one-pot meals that won’t break your budget or the clock

After working all day long, the last thing you feel like doing at night is cooking a big, time-consuming meal for your family. I mean – you want them to have tasty meals, of course, but if they can be fast and cheap, all the better, right?

King Cotton Meats make for quick and easy one-pot meals

Using King Cotton Meats allows you to create one-pot meals without sacrificing the yumminess factor. These meals could be cooked in the oven or on the stove, but save even more time by using your crockpot or Instapot.

We’re laying out for you several one-pot dishes that will please the palate and free up your time to do more important things. Read on for delish dinners that delight:

Pasta with peas and bacon

Pasta with peas and King Cotton baconThis meal is sure to be a “Mom, can we have…” dinner from here on. It will remind you of the creamy goodness of fettucini, but with baconbaconbacon!  In fact, you probably already have these ingredients in your pantry and fridge, so no trip to the grocery store. (You DO have King Cotton bacon in your fridge, right? Its hickory-smoked flavor makes everything “gooder.”)  

You can pick whichever type of pasta you want to use, but we prefer macaroni because, well, it’s always in our pantry. Don’t forget to double the recipe and freeze for a lazy dinner night in the future.  The folks at The Endless Meal sure knew what they were doing when they put together this one-pot concoction

Hashbrown casserole with smoked sausage

Hashbrown casserole with King Cotton smoked sausageIt is well documented that kids love hashbrowns and will eat it with just about everything and anything. So they are a great base for this crockpot casserole that also features smoked sausage. Shredded cheddar cheese and canned soup meld together to give this dish that ooey-gooey consistency we all love. 

However, the real hero here is the smoked sausage, which is what gives this meal its mouth-watering flavor. We recommend King Cotton’s Country Brand smoked sausage, which is absolutely the best sausage you’ve ever had. Or you could notch up the heat a bit with our Spicy Cheddar smoked sausage if you just can’t get enough cheese and your family likes a little “kick” in their kibble. Lauren’s Latest has put together the best Hashbrown Casserole with Smoked Sausage recipe you’ll ever stuff in your mouth.

Honey BBQ crockpot hot dog bites

Honey barbecue with King Cotton hot dogsNow, I wouldn’t necessarily serve this dish if the Queen were visiting, but dang – hot dogs make a quick and easy protein addition to many different one-pot dishes. And who doesn’t have hot dogs stocked up, especially if you have kids? So, these can be served speared with a toothpick right out of the dish for a little fun factor. Personally, we prefer to serve over rice so you can soak up all that BBQ juicy deliciousness. 

I STRONGLY recommend you add cheese (then again, we add cheese to everything, so use your judgment and your family’s taste buds as a guide here.) Also, it’s summertime now, and Vidalia onions are back in stores, so they’re the perfect, mild but sweet complement to the sauce and the “rightly seasoned” King Cotton hot dogs that you are surely using in this kid-friendly meal. Thank goodness for Real House Moms and their Honey BBQ crockpot hot dog bites recipe to liven up suppertime.

Slow cooker green beans, ham, and potatoes

This is a King Cotton original recipe that is hearty, filling, and inventive. The secret trick to this straightforward recipe? King Cotton ham lunchmeat. Now, you might not think of ham lunchmeat as a casserole ingredient, but hear me out on this. First, who doesn’t have King Cotton lunchmeat in their fridge already? Moreover, lunchmeat is cheaper than buying ham pieces or a whole ham dollar for dollar. 

So on to the recipe. You’re gonna want 3 cans of your favorite brand of green beans, a pound or so of new potatoes (quartered), and about a cup of torn-up pieces of ham lunchmeat. Throw that in the crockpot with a cup of chicken broth and your favorite seasonings like salt & pepper and maybe garlic powder. Cook this for about 4 hours on low. For fun, try also adding a can of cream of chicken or mushroom soup and a scoop of sour cream for a more rich consistency. (Hint: don’t add sour cream until it’s completely cooked so it won’t separate.)  This feeds a family of four, and again – don’t forget to double the batch for a lazy dinner later.

Slow down your hectic day with crockpot creations

Quick dinners with ingredients that won’t break the bank. That summarizes these mouthwatering meals pretty well. Don’t hesitate to get creative. For example, with the hashbrown and smoked sausage casserole, try adding frozen broccoli or canned mixed vegetables to work in more veggies into your family’s bellies. Or you could mix in a little honey mustard into the BBQ crockpot hot dog bites for a zippier flavor. 

Just let your family’s tastebuds guide you on modifying these dishes, but one thing is for certain: when you make one of these crazy-good creations, you just got some time back in your day and some extra love from your family. 

Let us know how they turned out for you, or if you added something that made them extra special. But please – no beets. Almost nobody likes those ?.


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