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School Lunch Ideas For Your Child, The King Cotton Way

School lunch ideas for your child, the King Cotton way

It’s a special time of year when kids start school again. Whether you’re creating your own recess with your children doing distance learning from home or if they are going away to school during the day, you’re sure to find inspiration from our school lunches below. They are easy and fast to make, and they’re sure to please even your pickiest eater. After all, they’re made with King Cotton meats – the tastiest meats in the Mid-South!

Back to school lunches don’t have to be boring with King Cotton

From corn dogs to lunchmeat to hot dogs, there’s something for every child with King Cotton. Here are some ideas on how to put these all together for some delicious school dining!

Crispy bacon-wrapped grilled cheese sandwiches

These rockin’ rollups are evidence that you are Parent of the Year! While you’re fixing your crew King Cotton bacon for breakfast, save out a few pieces that are cooked very lightly and are still “bendy “Roll out your bread, and sprinkle cheese on top. Roll it up, and wrap a piece of bacon around it, securing it with a toothpick. Cook with butter in a skillet until the bread pieces are slightly browned. 

Stick in a baggie, and when lunchtime rolls around, they’ll be eating some cheesy, bacony goodness that’ll take them all the way through math class!  

Hot dog octopus

This meal will crack up your kids and make your morning prep a snap. Take a King Cotton hot dog, and cut thin strips from the bottom of the hot dog to the midway point. You’ll want about eight different pieces to make the octopus legs. Spread out the legs sideways in a plastic container, and your young’uns will open their lunch to a creative little surprise! 

You can even carve out eye holes and put little pieces of olive in there for further authenticity. Be sure to add a little container of ketchup and mustard to use as dipping sauces (why is it kids like dipping sauces so much anyway?)

Ham or turkey “star” sandwiches

Make your kid feel like a star with these fanciful star sandwiches! Start by making them the type of sandwich they like using King Cotton ham or turkey lunchmeat. Add lettuce (spinach is a good idea for adding extra iron and vitamins C and K), condiments (we recommend guacamole – good fats plus added veggies!), and maybe a slice of cheese.  Now, take a star-shaped cookie cutter, and cut into the sandwich until you’re all the way through and have a star-shaped sandwich. Mom or Dad can eat the scraps OR freeze the bread crusts for croutons or bread crumbs later. 

Little Johnny gets the crusts cut off his sandwich – which you know he loves – and he’s the star of his own lunch! 

Just remember, with King Cotton meats, we’ve got ya covered for yummy lunches, breakfasts, and savory snacks. They’re all “rightly seasoned”, full of flavor, and have been enjoyed by families all over the Mid-South for over 75 years!

Check here to find King Cotton meats at a grocery or discount store near you.


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